Win-More & Prosper

Success Strategies for Executives and Organizations

Win-More & Prosper Win-More & Prosper offers executives and teams the opportunity to excel by unleashing their potential through coaching and facilitation services. Having a deep understanding of the difficulties in the workplace and the job-market, Win-More & Prosper is dedicated to respond to these challenges providing quality guidance and individualized services. While providing its services, Win-More and Prosper takes pride in serving as a source of inspiration and providing its clients with all the support that they need during their development.

Win-More & Prosper – Career Coaching Program: is designed to help you gain control over your career.

Through individual coaching sessions you will be able to:

  • Assess why you are restless and establish the right direction for you;
  • Identify your market potential and where to apply your unique set of skills and talents;
  • Find out a variety of options, possibilities and set realistic goals;
  • Take the necessary steps toward attaining your goals;
  • Implement your plan with full commitment and responsibility.

Win-More & Prosper – Executive Job Search Coaching Program:

  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Personal Brand Strategy
  • Job-search Planning
  • Branded Résumés
  • Job Search Letters
  • LinkedIn Profile Development
  • Follow-up Strategy and Procedure

Optional services for executives:

  • Personal Branding Feedback Service
  • Personal Brand Communication Strategy
  • Interview Preparation/Mock Interviews

Win-More & Prosper – Team Coaching and Facilitation

  • Development of high performing teams through Team Diagnostic Assessment and Organization and Relationship Systems coaching


Corporate Branding Strategies for Start-ups

Win-More and Prosper offers consulting services for start-ups on corporate branding strategies so that they can position themselves competitively in the marketplace.   Win-More & Prosper guides its clients in identifying their unique value to customers and provides consulting on creating compelling presentations, developing successful marketing communications and using social media to increase visibility and profits.

Services include:

  • Identification of  Unique Value Proposition
  • Development of Marketing Communications Strategy
  • Presentations and Marketing Tools
  • Introduction to Social Media Strategy
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