Güley Erkin


Güley considers herself a true global citizen. She has lived in Cyprus, The United States, Turkey, Mexico, France and has been living in Spain since 1999. She speaks Turkish, English and Spanish fluently and is proficient in French. She has an innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life and an effortless ease in adapting to different countries and cultures. She loves poetry, paints and considers artistic expression as an invaluable part of life. She’s been practicing Iyengar yoga since 1999, values spiritual teachings of Eastern philosophies and believes in the strong connection between body and mind.

She is the organizer of monthly meetings of Madrid Career Network, a job-seeker support network that provides the means for discussing challenges relating to job-search and sharing contacts. She is also one of the founders of Social Butterflies Madrid, which is a social club for women in Madrid who’d like to make new friendships and strengthen their existing ones through fun and cultural activities. She is a volunteer at Ashoka, Spain, and is in charge of team coaching, helping in development of marketing communications and fundraising activities.

She loves reading books on Leadership, Change and Social Psychology and magazines such as Psychology Today, The Yoga Journal, Harvard Business Review and Fortune.

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